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About Julie

In February 2020, Julie will be a twenty-year veteran licensed esthetician. She accidentally discovered esthetics when she attended orientation at a local beauty school on behalf of her mother. After having attended a few years of college and was lost without nailing down a major, she fell in love and knew immediately it was a calling. Julie's favorite subject in school was biology and skincare is definitely biology and more! If she wasn't so scared of needles then, she would have become a nurse. Who knows the future? She could still be!

Julie loves all things related to skincare and beauty and she practices healthy disciplines to achieve the beauty results she strives for herself and for her clients. One of her favorite quotes that she coins and lives by is, "You are only as beautiful as you are healthy on the inside." And medicine is proving it truer than ever. There is no quick fixes when it comes to beauty and health, it's hard work, but so is everything else worth fighting for! 

Julie has extensive training in esthetics and used over fifteen professional lines in her years of practice, but she has her favorites in the last decade and they are preferred for a variety of reasons. She prioritizes education to further her knowledge and experience. She had also worked for two physician's groups and she was trained comprehensively by the National Laser Institute in Dallas to perform several medical skincare modalities. As you can see, holistic skincare is still her calling. 

When not seeing clients, Julie focuses her time with family. She makes home-cooked meals daily. With spare time, Julie loves to practice yoga, which hopefully soon, she'll be back in the studio!

To learn how Julie's expertise in skincare and wellness can transform your skin, please book your treatment today. It will be a privilege to serve you. 

- Julie Ton, LE -