MediTreats are clinical treatments designed to target and treat specific skin types and conditions. Treatment starts with deep cleansing, steam exfoliation when appropriate, followed by active serums, masking, moisturizer and sunscreen. Minimal massaging may be involved. Additional add on service(s) to the treatments below may be suggested. For more, please view a la carte menu for offerings.

​50 min/$75

The Hydra Boost
The Clear Complexion

Proper hydration alone can do wonders to restore radiance and help your skin take back the years. Designed to revitalize the skin by infusing it with water loving cosmeceuticals such as peptides and hyaluronic acids, which are oil-free and noncomedogenic.

For all of you who love a good blackhead cleaning facial, this is the treatment for you!  Design to purify, detoxify, soothe, calm, heal, and rebalance the skin.

The Brightening
The Restorative

Targeting melasma, hyperpigmentation, and uneven discoloration, this treatment corrects, blends, and lightens complexion using Vitamin C, retinaldehyde, lactic acid, mulberry, bearberry and more!

Superb for skin with accelerated damage, particularly aging, mature, or skin with loss of elasticity,  the treatment nourishes, feeds, repairs, and renews with enriched marine extracts of enzymes, serums, and finally a marine collagen blanket.

The Calming
The Oxygenating

Intensive spices like cinnamon and Hungarian paprika work to stimulate circulation while natural fruit acids exfoliates to recharge and regenerate sluggish, mature, or smoker’s skin types.

Gentle botanicals like chamomile, aloe and willowherb, some extra TLC and a marine peel-off mask help combat inflammatory conditions of rosecea, high circulation and post-surgical skin. Also perfect for hormonal skin and skin experiencing monthly breakouts.